Welcome to the Depthkit Studio Pilot Program! We are thrilled to have you as a creative and technical partner as we define the future of volumetric filmmaking together.

Depthkit Studio is developing rapidly. Access to the program provides you with new and experimental tools and workflows. To get you started with ease, the following guide will on-board you and your team into the Depthkit Studio workflow.

Depthkit Studio Workflow

Depthkit Studio supports the export of multi-perspective Combined Per Pixel exports, designed for Unity. Our team is committed to supporting a robust Unity pipeline, designed for quality and performance.

Pipeline Support

What do I need to get started?

Capture Computer

Depthkit Studio requires a PC verified to support your preferred number of sensors. Capturing with multiple Azure Kinects requires specific hardware depending on your sensor configuration of choice. Be sure your capture computer matches our computer specifications.

Looking to purchase? Scatter can connect you with trusted vendor, Boxx, to purchase an off-the-shelf computer, verified to perform with Depthkit Studio and your specified sensor configuration. Contact us for an introduction to the vendor.


If using any hardware outside of this recommendation, we cannot ensure your success with performance. As a result, it is essential to test your machine to get ahead of any performance issues.

Test your computer:

  1. Connect your preferred number of sensors to your computer. Launch Depthkit.

    Important Note: Using a combination of usb ports (motherboard ports & expansion ports)? Check the USB controller manufacturer to ensure you are using compatible controllers. Learn more in Microsoft's documentation for USB host controller compatibility.

  2. Select your desired color resolution for capture.

  3. Capture a 1-2 minute test recording in the Multicam tab. See our Capture guide.

  4. Observe the diagnostics panel, available when you hit record. Confirm that you are not reporting dropped frames. Observe that the frame backlog is not filling rapidly. See details on Performance Diagnostics.