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Image Sequence encoding

<aside> 🗣 For best results, export your multi-perspective Combined Per Pixel asset as an image sequence, to maintain maximum quality and reduce compression artifacts.


Best Practices for Combined Per Pixel Encoding

Combined Per Pixel image sequences can be encoded in any video editing tool. However, some video editing tools may have resolution limitations or can exports with unintended color conversions. As a result, the following is a set of recommendation for FFmpeg, which is recommend for maximum control over your encoding parameters.

Combined Per Pixel Multi-row Formatting

<aside> 🗣 This is an experimental python script used to customize the rows and columns of your Combined Per Pixel image sequence in order to maximize resolution usage.


Depthkit Studio currently exports multi-perspective Combined Per Pixel images sequences with each sensor perspective organized in a single row. For those exporting with more than three perspectives, this image size may not be ideal for your publishing platform.